Do you know what Windows XP is? The simple answer is that it is an operating system that was created by Microsoft Corporation for users. If you have been using the computer for a long time, then you must know about Windows XP. I said this because there is no old user who hasn’t used XP. XP may have become a history today, but due to its special features, features and user-friendly, it had made a place in the hearts of people.

Windows XP which was launched by Microsoft in 2001. Windows XP was more effective than all the previous Windows versions of Microsoft and also user friendly. After the arrival of XP, running the computer became easier and this proved to be the biggest change in the computer world.

Let us also tell you that Windows XP was the best selling product of Microsoft. The most successful operating system till date has been Windows XP and even today no one has been able to give it a tough competition. But in 2014, its security and supporting system ended, due to which it went out of business. Let’s know about the history of Windows XP

Windows XP was designed keeping in mind both the home user and the professional user. Accordingly, different features were also given in it. To run Windows XP 128MB RAM, 1.5GB free spec harddisk and 450MHZ processor was required.

In XP, we can also create many multi users, with the help of which the same user could install and use different software according to his utility. If you are giving your computer to someone else to run, then you could also create a separate guest account so that he can use only the limited features that you want.

Why did Windows XP become more popular than older Windows versions?

1. Popularity of Theme
The blue sky and grass background in XP became very popular. People liked him very much.

2. Utility of Windows Live Messenger
It had Windows Live Messanger so that you could talk to your friends and acquaintances in real time through text, video and audio. This program used to work while connecting to the Internet.

3. Speed and Advance Performance
XP was developed and designed in such a way that its speed and advance performance and performance was 50% faster than Windows 98.

4. Wireless Technology
Those who used Windows XP in laptops were given the facility of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. because the era of wireless technology had come and it was accepted by XP.

5. Best choice for gaming
Like the old Windows version, there was no limit in this, so people now started enjoying playing games in it. In this, gaming could be enjoyed without stopping.

Windows XP’s Weakness That Made It History

It is also said that unless something is not changed on time, then its end comes. Exactly the same happened with Windows XP. XP’s Supporting System and Security had become so weak that people refused to use it and told it to be an Outdated Version.

No matter what happens, XP has made the use of computers easier for people. Today, even though Windows XP has become history, but somewhere it is lacking in the hearts of people. This is because it was the first operating system of Windows, which people supported a lot.


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