Recently there was news from China that it has tested a hypersonic weapon. Which America is also talking about. But China has shrugged off such news. But it is important for us to know what is a hypersonic missile. According to the Financial Times, China has tested a new hypersonic missile in space last August. China sent a missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons into low space orbit. Then this missile circled the earth and then moved towards its target at hypersonic speed. According to the report, however, the test of the Chinese missile was not completely successful. It is said that this missile fell 32 km away from its target. According to sources, China had sent its hypersonic glide vehicle by Long March rocket. The great thing is that China did not warn the world about this test in August.

In common parlance, hypersonic weapon means a weapon operating at 5 times the speed of sound. That is, the weapon which can fly in the air at a speed of 6115 kilometers per hour, we will call it hypersonic weapon. If this weapon flies over the sea at a speed of 1220 kilometers per hour, then it will be difficult to attack. The specialty of hypersonic weapon is that it can fly even at low altitude. Can chase the target easily, even when the target is moving. That is, it pursues its target and destroys it.

China’s DF-17 has the capability to fly in low altitude. Although it is a ballistic missile, it can also act as a hypersonic weapon, as its front is designed like a glider. It has wings in front, which give it the power to glide at low altitudes. It can destroy incoming targets in the range of 1800-2000 km.

There are mainly two types of hypersonic weapons. First-glide vehicle i.e. floating in the air. The second – cruise missiles. Right now the world’s focus is on glide vehicles. Behind which is a small missile. It is then released from a missile launcher. After covering a certain distance, the missile separates. The glide vehicles then fly smoothly and strike the target. These weapons usually have scramjet engines, which use the oxygen present in the air to fly rapidly. This gives it a certain speed and altitude.

Which countries have hypersonic weapons?

China, America and Russia have the most advanced technology of hypersonic weapons. Apart from this, the countries which are developing these weapons are India, Japan, Australia, France, Germany and North Korea. Russia has the Avangard hypersonic weapon (in the photo), which is launched with an ICBM missile. Russia has included this weapon in its army in the year 2019. China is likely to have two hypersonic weapons. One of which is DF-17 and the other is DF-ZF. America has hypersonic weapons. About whom news often comes.


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