People of many religions and communities live in the world. There are some countries where people of a certain religion live in large quantities and there are some places where the population of people of a particular community is less. Today we are going to tell you how many people of which religion are there in the world. Although the thing to be kept in mind here is that these figures keep on changing from time to time, but still it is fine in terms of information.

1. Christianity: First of all let’s talk about Christianity because the number of people who believe in this religion is the highest in the whole world. The largest number of people believe in Christianity. Their share in the entire population of the world is about 31.5 percent. Their population is 2.2 billion.

2. Islam religion: Now let’s talk about Islam because it is the second largest religion in the world. Their total number is about 1.6 billion.

3. Hindu: Hinduism is the third largest community in the world. Their population is around 1 billion, which is 13.95 percent of the entire world population.

4. Chinese Traditional Religion: The traditional religion of China comes at number four, the number of adopters of which is about 394 million i.e. 5.5 percent of the entire population.

5. Buddhism: Now Buddhism comes in 5th place, whose number of followers is about 376 million.

6. African Traditional Religion: About 400 million people are associated with African traditional religion. That is, their share in the world’s population is about 5.59 percent.

7. Sikh: The number of people who adopt Sikhism is about 23 million in the world.

8. Jews: Their share in the world population is 0.20 percent. The population of the Jewish community is 14 million.

9. Jainism: The number of people who believe in Jainism in the world is about 4.2 million.

10. Shinto religion: This is a religion found in Japan, which is followed by about 4 million people.


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