The secret of the Amazon forest

You must have heard the name of the world’s largest forest Amazon, if we talk about the earth, then the Amazon forest is the heart of our earth. Meaning 20% of our earth’s oxygen is produced from the Amazon forest itself. So let’s know those things of the Amazon jungle that have been hidden from the whole world.

The Amazon forest is spread over not one but 9 countries. Its largest share is spread in Brazil, 60% in Peru, 13% in Colombia, 10% and then in five more countries. There are more than 5 billion trees in the Amazon forest. And this tree is so big and dense that even the land here craves sunlight. This means that the sun’s rays do not reach the earth.

Now let’s talk about some dangerous creatures found in the Amazon forest.

1. Bullet Ants

You must have seen a lot of ant, you must not have seen an ant like bullet ant, this ant is very small to see but its sting is very poisonous. The bite of this ant is equivalent to being shot. That’s why it’s probably called a bullet ant. Its bite causes unbearable pain. Which is very difficult to bear. Its bite causes very high fever. All of them are found in abundance in the Amazon forest.

2. Golden Frog

About 120 types of poisonous frogs are also found in the Amazon forest. This bright golden colored frog looks very attractive to see. But in a frog, poison is found to kill 10 people at once. It is found in many colors. And it is most visible on rainy days. When local people or tourists go to visit here, seeing this frog here, they immediately move away from it. Because this frog is very poisonous.

3. Anaconda

You must have seen anaconda snake a lot in Hollywood movies, in which many big snakes roam in the forests in the same place and they directly swallow humans whole. But in reality, such a big anaconda snake of Amazon is not found. Anaconda snake is definitely found in the Amazon jungle. But its length ranges from about 30 to 40 feet. Which does not contain poison at all, but it is very dangerous. It swallows small and big animals and eats them. And once anaconda swallows and eats someone, then this snake can survive without eating anything for about a month. And this anaconda is mostly found in swampy places, water bodies or on the banks of rivers. And there he sits ambushing his prey.

4. Boiling River of Amazon

There is a river in the Amazon forest whose water temperature is more than 110 ℃. In which water boiling is also seen somewhere. The water here is very hot. If some resident people die here, instead of burning or burying that body, these people give pulses to that body in this river. Some residents here also consider this river to be the gate of heaven.

5. Amazon Eagle

An eagle is found in the Amazon jungle. And it is very dangerous, its size is huge. And its wingspan is more than 3 feet. And its weight is up to 5-6 kg. And the most important thing is that this bird can fly by holding twice its weight in its paws. Due to which its best prey is considered to be monkey. And it also hunts the young of large animals, but now this species is slowly becoming extinct.

Friends, thousands of insect and animal species live in the Amazon forest. The most surprising thing is that we only know about a small percentage of the insects and animals of this forest. Insects found in the Amazon jungle are not the common insects that you sweep the house away, these tiny insects are very dangerous and deadly.


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