With the development of man, all these religions were established, in every country of the world, every citizen is a follower of some religion, so people in India are also associated with some religion, India is a very big country where People of different castes and religions live there. People of all religions live peacefully with each other in a fair way, there are about 300 religions around the world. Out of which only 10 religions are popular, there are many religions in India but some of them are very prominent, let us know how many religions are there in India and how many followers are there?

1. Hinduism

The name of Hinduism comes first among the major religions of India. Hinduism has been established from India itself. Hinduism is one of the ancient religions of the world. This religion is also called Sanatan Dharma, the followers of this religion are in India, Nepal and Mauritius, Suriname, Fiji etc. According to the population census in the year 2011, the number of people of Hindu religion in India is up to 82 crores. That is, 80 percent of the people of Hindu religion live in India. The third place of this religion in the world is

2. Islam religion

The name of Islam religion comes after Hindus in the population of India. In India, the population of Muslims is followed by Hindus. This religion was also established many years ago. The followers of this religion are called Muslims. According to the 2011 Population Census, there are 148 million people of Muslim religion living in India. Islam is the second largest religion in the world

3. Christian Religion

The name of Christianity comes at number three in India. Christianity has the largest number of followers in the world. Christianity was established in India in the 6th century. The founder of this religion is believed to be Jesus Christ. According to the 2011 census, 2.3 percent of the people in India are followers of Christianity. People of Christian religion live more in South India. The major festivals of Christianity are Christmas and Good Friday.

4. Sikhism Religion

Sikhism was also established in India itself. Its founder was Guru Nanak Dev Ji, according to the 2011 census, 2 percent of India’s population is a follower of Sikhism. Most of the people of Sikh religion live in the state of Punjab, India. But now the followers of Sikhism are seen in every country around the world. There is no major festival of this religion. It is celebrated as a festival on the birthday of the Gurus.

5. Buddhism Religion

Buddhism is very prevalent in the continent of East Asia. However, this religion is less prevalent in India. Followers of this religion are seen in the states of Eastern India. This religion was founded by Siddhartha Gautama. who are called Buddhists. They are 1 percent of the population of India. Buddhism originated in India in the 6th century BCE and has since become an integral part of India’s cultural and religious heritage. Over the years, there has been a wonderful blend of Hindu and Buddhist cultures across India and Buddhists have played a major role in India’s economic rise and cultural dominance.

6. Jainism Religion

People of Jainism are found all over India. Their number is less than the people of Buddhism, but they are spread all over India. Jainism was also established in India. The founder of this religion is Mahavir Swami. There were a total of 24 preachers of this religion. The first of which is Rishabh and the last is Mahavir. He is also called Tirthankara. According to the last census, their number in India is 42.45 lakhs.

Now you must have come to know that how many religions are there in India. There are 6 major religions in India. Their number is highest in India. But out of these, there are more than 7 lakh people in India who do not believe in any religion. India has the largest number of Hindus but the largest number of people in the world are followers of Christianity. And after this the people of Islam religion come. And then the people of Hinduism come at number three.


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