Once called the paradise of Russia, Alaska is now part of America. On 30 March 1867, Alaska was sold by the Soviet Union to the United States. You will be surprised to know that America bought Alaska for just $72 million. Let us tell you that due to the rich oil reserves, gold and diamond mines present in Alaska, it is called America’s ‘treasure’, which Russia still regrets.

The idea of ​​selling Alaska came to the mind of the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union, Alexander Mikhailovich Gorkakov. It is said that the then US President Andrew Johnson persuaded Gorkakov for this. Gorkakov then made this offer to Tsar Alexander-II of Russia and persuaded him to sell Alaska. Although the people of Russia were against it. Despite this, Tsar Alexander signed the documents to sell Alaska on 30 March 1867.

These were the compulsions to sell Alaska
In fact, the Russian Empire feared that in the event of a war the US might capture it with the help of Britain. The economic condition of the Soviet Union at this time was also not good and Alaska did not mean much to the Soviet Union. Apart from this, the second biggest reason was to keep the border of Russia safe. Because Alaska was such a large area, it was not possible to deploy a large number of troops.

The reason for killing the jar was Alaska!
Tsar Alexander of the Soviet Union was born in Russia on September 7, 1855. He became Tsar of the Soviet Union on March 2, 1855. According to Russian historians, Alaska was also the real cause of the death of the Tsar. Because he had three fatal attacks since 1867, but his life was saved. Finally, on March 13, 1981, a man named Ivan Emelyanov threw a bomb at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and killed the Tsar. However, the Russian Empire never openly admitted that the sale of Alaska was the reason for the Tsar’s assassination.

America’s biggest source of income
Alaska is no less than a treasure for America. There is a huge amount of natural gas and petroleum products. There are many oil factories here. America gets 20 percent of the country’s petrol from Alaska alone. In the 1950s, the US also discovered gold and diamond mines in Alaska. A huge amount of gold is also extracted from here. Apart from this fishing and tourism are also a big source of income. Millions of tourists reach here every year.


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