The world is full of many mysteries. There are many such mysteries around us which are difficult to believe. Continuous efforts are being made to solve these mysteries, but these mysteries are such that are not solved. There are many such mysterious places in the world, the reason behind which is not yet known. Scientists are constantly investigating these mysterious places, but have not yet reached any conclusion. When you learn about these places, you will be compelled to think that how can this happen.

1. island of snakes

Ilaha da Queimada, located in Brazil, is an island ruled by snakes. No one has been able to know what is the secret behind this till date. This island is also called the island of snakes. It is home to thousands of venomous snakes in the world, namely the golden lancehead viper. The Brazilian Navy has banned all citizens from visiting the island. The island is located just 20 miles from So Paulo. Here one to five snakes will be easily found at a distance of three feet.

2. Sentinel Island, Andaman

Although the citizens of India have complete freedom to move anywhere in the country, the access of common people to this island is restricted. It is said that 300-400 dangerous tribals live here. He has no contact with anyone in the world. These people neither come out of this island themselves nor allow any outsider to come here. What is the reason behind this, it is not known till date. It is very dangerous for people to go here.

3. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

It is generally said that the Danakil desert gives a feeling of hell fire on earth. In the world where the weather changes in a span of a few months, sometimes it is winter and sometimes it is summer, but in this place the minimum temperature throughout the year is around 48 degree Celsius. Sometimes the mercury even reaches up to 145 ° C. This place is also called ‘the most cruel place on earth’ because of the fire, due to which the water of the ponds here keeps boiling all the time. National Geographic called it “the cruelest place on earth”. The desert here is spread over an area of ​​more than 62,000 miles. So it is impossible to live here.

4. French Catacombs

Designed at a depth of 20 meters from the ground in Paris, this place is famous by the name ‘Crypt of the Graves’. Here 60 lakh dead bodies have been preserved. This cellar has been built with the help of a 2-2 km long wall with bones and skulls of the dead. This terrible place is in Paris, France, in 1785, due to the lack of cemetery, many corpses were buried together in a pit. The catacomb of Paris, the capital of France, is about 200 meters long, where about 6 million skeletons are present. Many people come to see this catacomb.

5. Death Valley, America

The main problem here is the falling heat here, due to which the temperature here reaches up to 130 degree Celsius. In such a situation, anyone can die here. Here in the year 1913 the record temperature was measured at 134.06 °C. Here the average rainfall in the year is only 5 cm. is approximately. There are no water marks here. Wherever water is found, it is saline. It is considered to be the hottest place in the world, where it is impossible for anyone to live.


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