Terrorist activities taking place on the soil of Pakistan. The killing of Lashkar chief Osama bin Laden there. Apart from this, there are many such cases which prove that this country is dangerous. There are also weapons that can cause mass destruction. India also has nuclear weapons, but India’s policy is that it will not fire nuclear weapons first. But no such policy or rules have been made in Pakistan.

Recently, news agency Reuters quoted Stockholm International Peace Research Institute as saying that Pakistan has 100 to 120 nuclear weapons. Which can be fired through fighter jets and missiles. At the same time, India has 90 to 110 nuclear weapons. But according to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), Pakistan has 165 nuclear weapons and India has 160. Now it is difficult to tell what the exact figures are.

According to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), there are 12,700 nuclear weapons in the world. Of which 9400 are with the military, which can be used from missiles, fighter jets, warships or submarines. The rest of the nuclear weapons have been retired but they are still safe, they are yet to be dismantled. There are 9440 nuclear weapons in the world which are with the military of different countries, out of them 3730 are deployed in missiles and bombers. Of these, India and Pakistan have not deployed any of their nuclear weapons. Of the 3730 nuclear weapons, about 2000 nuclear weapons are on high alert in the US, Russia, the British and France. That is, preparing to fire at short notice.

Pakistan has short range missiles – Nastra, Hatf, Ghaznavi and Abdali. Their range is 60 to 320 km, while the range of medium-range missiles – Gauri and Shaheen is 900 to 2700 km. If these two missiles attack, then Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal, Nagpur, Lucknow can come under its JD. Now how much destruction will be there, it depends on the weapon installed in the missile. Waste will be less if conventional weapons are planted, but if nuclear weapons are planted, the damage can be very high.

India has short range missile Prithvi. Its range is 350 km. Agni-I has a range of 700 km, Agni-II 2000 km and Agni-III has a range of 3000 km. All these have been inducted into the army. Agni-V has a range of 5000 kms. That is, with the help of these missiles, India can target all the cities of Pakistan. If India drops a nuclear bomb on Pakistan, it can completely ruin the cities of Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, Navshera and Karachi.

In 1999, the Kargil war lasted for almost two months. India had won in this. In 2002, three years after the end of the war, it was revealed that Pakistan had deployed nuclear weapons during this period. CIA analyst Bruce Riddle told that in 1999, US satellite images showed that Pakistan had deployed nuclear weapons to attack India.


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