Whenever we buy a bike, car or any other vehicle, then we definitely take information about how much mileage this vehicle gives. Mileage refers to how many kilometers the vehicle travels in one liter of oil.

For information, let us tell you that the mileage of the vehicle depends on many things, such as the weight of the vehicle, how much cc is its engine, how much weight is there on that vehicle.

Most people will know the mileage of a car or bike, but do you know how much mileage an airplane gives in one liter of oil. If you don’t know then know today.

The number of people traveling in airplanes is increasing continuously in all countries. Whether to go abroad by plane or to go to other places within the country, rich people prefer to travel by plane. Its advantage is that it saves time.

The weight of an airplane is several thousand kg, the number of passengers sitting in it is also very high. More power is required to draw more forest and more power can be obtained only from more fuel. This simply means that the larger the ship, the higher the fuel consumption.

Talking about Boeing 747 aircraft, this ship consumes 4 liters of fuel in a second. Accordingly, 240 liters of fuel is spent in one minute’s journey. According to Boeing’s website, the 747 airplane consumes an average of 12 liters of fuel per kilometer. Accordingly, this plane covers a distance of 800 meters in one liter of oil.


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